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Mark W. Marvin, Ph.D.

About Dr. Marvin

​​​​Although I see clients from all walks of life, I do have specialized expertise in public safety psychology. Largely through my association (since 1988) with Focus Psychological Services, I am well aware of the unique demands of public safety careers (law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical services, & emergency dispatch/communications). I am honored for having the opportunity to assist the men and women (and their family members) who endanger their own well-being to protect us citizens. I work with local law enforcement (including Psychological Services - San Diego Police Department, since 1990) and federal law enforcement (U.S. Customs & Border Protection - EAP; United States Department of Homeland Security; U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration - EAP, United States Department of Justice). I welcome inquiries from military veterans who are hesitant about seeking psychological assistance because of concern about service confidentiality. 

My public safety psychological services have included:

  • Counseling for employees and family members
  • Critical Incident Stress management
  • Other post-trauma interventions (including EMDR)
  • Death Notification & assistance to survivors
  • Emergency Negotiation Team training & consultation
  • Peer Support development, training, & consultation
  • Organizational consultation
  • Union issues consultation
  • Wellness and management skills training development and presentation

I have been affiliated with Community Research Foundation (CRF) since 1985, providing services to persons living with serious mental illness. CRF has 28 mental health programs in San Diego County providing services to children, families, and adults. I served as CRF's Chief Psychologist during the past several years. My other CRF experiences included 22 years providing clinical supervision and training to post-doctoral, doctoral, and masters degree level trainees and interns who were in process of attaining graduate school and state licensing board requirements. 

Early in 2015, I took on the responsibility that marries my two major areas of psychological services expertise -- 1.) law enforcement and 2.) persons (and their family members) living with severe and persistent mental illness. That is, I was named Director of the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT) for San Diego County.  In partnership with San Diego County Health and Human Services, San Diego County Law Enforcement, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI San Diego), and CRF, PERT contributes to the well-being of individuals with mental illness by actively and compassionately assisting individuals in crisis who come to the attention of law enforcement. The San Diego County PERT  units consist of specially trained police officers/deputies who are paired with licensed mental health professionals. Together, they respond on-scene to provide clinically appropriate resolution to the crisis by linking people to the most helpful community resources and least restrictive level of care. PERT interventions help prevent unnecessary hospitalization of those seen.  PERT's primary purposes are:

  • Provide clinical support to law enforcement and the community for calls involving persons having a mental health crisis.
  • Provide education and training to law enforcement on mental health issues, including recognizing and responding effectively to persons in the midst of a psychiatric crisis. We provide practical, useful training (e.g., force options video simulations to concurrently address officer safety with de-escalation skills).
  • Provide collaboration of law enforcement, the mental health system of care, and the community.